PEL 200 Baler

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Eduards Hermans
Sales and Client Service Manager
PEL 200 Baler

Small baler, baler for cardboard and baling cardboard boxes

Improve waste efficiency

The PEL200 baler offers a compact 800mm x 690mm footprint and produces 25-50 Kg bales. It is designed to fit in confined areas and will reduce waste volumes by up to 90%. Using the PEL 200 Baler makes it easier and more convenient to recycle and manage your waste cardboard and plastics efficiently.

  • Compact size & small footprint for space conscious premises
  • Small bales, easily maneuvered
  • Easy to load
  • Hydraulic system
  • Bale full indicator
  • Weather resistant
  • Produces a bale weighing between 25 – 35 kg of cardboard

The 200 baler is the smallest baler in the PEL range and is a perfect solution for companies producing small volumes of cardboard and/or plastic wastes. The machine is easy to load and the lever action door handle allows the door to close easily while handling bulky cardboard. The PEL200 baler features a bale full indicator and produces small bales (25 – 35 kg of cardboard or up to 50 kg of plastic) which are easily maneuvered and manage. A range of waste materials can be baled using the PEL 200 baler; cardboard, plastic, plastic bottles, paper and many more. The bale strapping on the balers is easy to replace and PEL can provide bale strapping to our customers in all quantities.

The PEL200 baler is an electric hydraulic machine with a primed and powder coated salt resistant finish.

All PEL Waste Reduction Equipment balers comply with the EN16500:2014 European safety standard for vertical balers released in spring 2015. The Standard provides guidelines on all aspects of baler operation with the main focus on preventing access to the baling or compacting chamber during operation. BB09 ‘Mighty Jaws’ glass bottle crusher will reduce the volume of your waste glass by a factor of 5:1 or 80% at the bar. The resultant crushed glass or cullet measures approximately 8mm and is suitable for reprocessing back into new bottles. The BB09 offers a very small footprint, is manufactured to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard and is CE certified.


The compact size makes the 200 baler ideal for areas tight on space. Small manageable bales are produced weighing between 25 – 35 kg.

The baler is easy to load and the lever action door handle allows the door to close easily while handling bulky cardboard

The 200 baler can be located indoors close to the source of waste..Cardboard boxes can be placed directly into the baler. This reduces the amount of time staff spend managing waste.

Where to use it


The PEL manufactured range is designed to make recycling easy, to reduce waste volume and waste costs and to free up space for more important things.

The retail sector is heavily reliant on minimising waste and keeping costs down. Having the most innovative and cost effective waste management practices in place is crucial.

The PEL manufactured range is designed to make recycling easy and convenient to reduce waste volume and reduce waste costs.

Protect your bottom line

All retailers should assess the impact waste has on their business and their bottom line. Loose cardboard and plastic along with bins that are full of air are increasing your workload, waste collections and the waste costs in your business.

The PEL bin compactor guarantees’ to reduce waste volume by 3:1.  PEL balers are available in all sizes and they produce compact manageable bales.

Benefits of baling cardboard and plastic

The benefits of baling cardboard and plastic are endless: Baled cardboard and plastic now has a value. It is used for recycling and reprocessing. It is diverted from landfill and therefore reduces your carbon footprint.

Cardboard and plastic are also a fire hazard and they can also cause an obstruction. Baling cardboard and plastic eliminates the fire hazard and creates a safer tidier working environment.

Height 1730mm 68 7/64”
Width 800mm 31 1/2”
Depth 690mm 27 11/64”
Weight 150kg 330lb
Cycle Time 35 seconds
Noise Level 65db
Bale Specifications
Bale Height 600mm 23 5/8”
Bale Width 600mm 23 5/8”
Bale Depth 500mm 19 11/16”
Feed Aperture W: 600mm X H:300mm
Bale Weight (Cardboard) 25 – 35kg 55 -75lb
Power 220 Volt or 110 optional
Certification CE Certified. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.
Colour Green
Finish Primed and powder coated salt resistant coating.