Nexus City 240 & Nexus City 140 Food

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Eduards Hermans
Sales and Client Service Manager
Nexus City 240 & Nexus City 140 Food

Nexus City 240 is a robust, attractive recycling bin. The unit features a soft-close aperture flap that keeps vermin out and odours in. Nexus City 240 is ideal for use articularly where large volumes of food waste are generated. Nexus City 140 offers all the great features of the Nexus City 240 in a smaller footprint. The 140-litre unit is designed to suit areas restricted by space and offers a solution to those concerned with manual handling issues.


Bin Body, Door and Aperture Flap: Durapol

Soft Close Mechanism: Carbon Steel

Aperture Hinge Rod: Stainless Steel


Bin Body, Door: Black, Anthracite Grey.

Aperture Flap: Black, Anthracite Grey.


Design Features

  • Houses a 240 or 140 litre wheeled container.
  • Manufactured from robust Durapol®* material.
  • Curved sloping hood prevents waste being left on top of the bin.
  • Very robust, large handled aperture flap, with a durable stainless steel hinge.
  • Aperture flap has a soft close mechanism to ensure lid always closes with minimal sound after opening and minimises risk of vermin entering housing.
  • Aperture flap shut off creates a seal to help keep odours contained.
  • Aperture size is large enough to allow easy disposal of food waste items, but small enough to minimise contamination.
  • Graphics help to encourage correct usage.
  • Smooth surfaces, both internally and externally for ease of cleaning.
  • Features a double skinned 5-point interlocking slam shut door.
  • Base ramp aids insertion/removal of the wheeled container.
  • Wheeled container location points ensure the container is sited correctly. (Nexus City 240 only)

Optional Extras

  • Interchangeable A3 poster frame kit.
  • Aperture flap graphic personalisation.
  • Choice of ground fixings.
  • Internal ballast.
  • Glasdon FireSafe™ Automatic Suppression Device (Nexus City 240 only).


Nexus City 240 Nexus City 140

Height: 1400mm 1365mm

Width: 805mm 735mm

Depth: 900mm 735mm

Weight Bin: 32kg 25kg

Weight Bin and Ballast: 51kg 65kg

Liner Capacity: 240 litres/140 litres 140 litres