Nexus 200 Outdoor Recycling Bin

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Eduards Hermans
Sales and Client Service Manager
Nexus 200 Outdoor Recycling Bin

Nexus 200 is a contemporary styled, twin-liner recycling bin, ideal for use on streets and in town centres. The distinctive graphics displayed on the unit are visible from all angles allowing more productive waste collection. The elliptical shape and narrow footprint of Nexus 200 recycling bin means that pedestrian flow will not be disturbed.


Bin Body and Door: Durapol


Black, Anthracite Grey.

Twin Door Opening System

With a twin door opening system and separate body compartments, Nexus 200 allows easy and quick access to both liners whilst minimising cross contamination between them.

Secure 3-point Locking System

The unique lift and lock mechanism engages the door with the bin body at three separate points, to provide a highly secure, vandal-resistant locking system. The door rises and self-returns to the locked position with a simple slam lock operation.


Design Features

  • Supplied with 2 x 100 litre zinc-coated steel liners.
  • Slimline design; will not obstruct pedestrian flow.
  • Robust construction – double skinned body and doors.
  • Features two 3-point interlocking slam shut doors.
  • Colour-coded apertures and clear graphics can be seen from all angles.
  • Curved hood prevents littering.
  • Single keyed twin door opening system allows easy Access to the liner for emptying and cleaning.
  • Extended aperture ledges help to ensure litter enters theliner, preventing spillage between the liner and the bin.
  • Anti-flyposting finish.
  • Includes four A3 poster frames with Recycle Now Graphics.
  • Stubber Plate in Gun Metal Grey or Gold colour.

Optional Extras

  • Ashtray in Gun Metal Grey or Gold colour.
  • 2 x Glasdon FireSafeAutomatic Suppression Device.
  • 2 x 100 litre Moulded Plastic Liner.
  • Aperture Blanking Panel.
  • Sack Retention.
  • Base Tray.
  • Choice of Ground Fixing Options.


Width: 1169mm

Depth: 591mm

Height: 1177mm

Weight c/w steel liners: 51kg

Weight c/w Durapol®* material liners: 46kg

Bin volume: 2 x 136 litres

Liner capacity: 2 x 100 litres