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Eduards Hermans
Sales and Client Service Manager

Nexus 100 is a stylish and modern recycling unit designed to co-ordinate with the Nexus

range and enhance office environments. The unit offers excellent flexibility to match diverse recycling

requirements, and can be sited side-by-side or back-to-back to create a recycling centre.

Sack Retention System

The sack retention band can be lifted up to allow light wastesuch as cans or plastic bottles to be removed without removing the door.

Secure Key-Lock for Confidential Paper Unit

A keyed push lock is situated at the front of the unit for ease of access. The plunger locates into the oval hole in the door to secure the unit (can be provided as an optional extra on paper, can, bottle and non-recyclable waste units).

Paper Bin

The large 100 litre capacity can hold up to 30kg of waste paper. (Frequent emptying is recommended to avoid accumulation of excessive weight.)

Drip Tray

Positioned in the base of the door, the drip tray will collect any waste liquid, which is deposited in the unit, preventing it from spilling out on to the floor. The drip tray can be easily removed for emptying and cleaning.

Rear Wheels

Nexus 100 can be supplied with two rear wheels, making the whole unit easy to manoeuvre.

Easy and Safe to Empty

Lift the lid to its open position, then pivot open the door. For lighter loads such as cans and plastic bottles simply lift the sack retention band up and remove the sack (as shown opposite). For heavier waste such as paper, the door can be removed from the unit and tilted onto the wheels attached to the base, ready for transporting the heavy waste a short distance to a collection area. With the door away from the unit, the sack can then be removed with minimal lifting.

Wheels are attached to the base of the door to aid easy emptying.

Design Features

  • Sack Retention System.
  • Pivoting Lid and Lid Stay.
  • Key-lock (Confidential Paper Unit Only).
  • Heavy Duty Wheels on Door.
  • Drip Tray.
  • Non Marking Durapol®* material Feet.
  • Standard or Recycle Now Graphic Options.

Optional Extras

  • Key-lock (for Paper, Bottles, Cans and Non Recyclables Units) (Locks can be retro-fitted).
  • Metal Liner.
  • Sign Kit.
  • Rear Wheels (x 2).
  • Combined Folding Sign and Wheel Kit.
  • Reservoir Side Pod or Waste Bin Side Pod.
  • Nexus Cup Bank (see page 8).
  • Nexus Duo split waste stream for cans and bottles (see page 9).
  • General Waste Flap Kit.
  • Multi Bin Connector Kit.
  • Oxo-Degradable Sacks.
  • Woven Polypropylene Sack.
  • Glasdon Recycling Stand (see page 18).


Width: 544mm

(width c/w one side pod: 677mm, width c/w two

side pods: 810mm)

Depth: 397mm

Height: 1007mm

Capacity: 100 litres

Amount of A4 Paper: 30kg

Amount of 330ml Cans: 130

Amount of 500ml Plastic Bottles: 95

Weight: 12kg


Bin Body, Door, Lid and Apertures: Duratec™** material

Sack Retention System: Durapol