Modus Housing

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Eduards Hermans
Sales and Client Service Manager
Modus Housing

A high capacity recycling bin housing, which securely contains a wheeled bin in a tidy manner. Modus creates a focal recycling point, ideal for areas such as housing developments, bring sites, parks and also for commercial use. Modus transforms any old/unsightly recycling containers into an attractive recycling centre.


Frame: Vandalex

Panelling: Ecoboard™# material

Hood: Durapol


Frame: Silver.

Hood: Anthracite Grey.

Panelling: Dark Grey.

Spigot Leg, Door Waste Guide: Anthracite Grey.

Skirting: Black.

Handle: Grey.

Design Features

  • Choice of Modus 770 which can house a 600 litre, 660 litre or 770 litre wheeled bin or Modus 1280 which can house a 1100 litre or 1280 litre wheeled bin.
  • Vandalex®+ material frame provides exceptional strength and is vandal and weather resistant.
  • Recycling apertures and clear Recycle Now graphics help to encourage recycling.
  • Durapol®* material hood encloses the wheeled bin inside the unit and provides security and weather protection.
  • Hood peak provides extra weather protection to the apertures.
  • Chute behind the aperture ensures that litter always enters the wheeled bin.
  • Front door opening design with door stay feature provides easy access to the wheeled bin inside.
  • Features a 3-point locking system.
  • The door features a handle and stainless steel hinge.
  • An adjustable door wheel enables easy opening of the door and levels the door on uneven surfaces.
  • Base skirting provides a guard around the base of the housing, to minimise the risk of pests entering the housing and also conceal the door wheel.
  • Supplied fully assembled.

Optional Extras

  • Food Waste Aperture and Chute.
  • Blanking Aperture – for secure storage of equipment.
  • Aperture Brushes (round aperture only – glass recycling).
  • Wing Lock.
  • Glasdon FireSafe™ Automatic Suppression Device.
  • Personalisation.


Modus 770 Modus 1280

Width: 1614mm 1614mm

Depth: 923mm 1257mm

Height: 1660mm 1660mm

Capacity: 600, 660 or 770 litre 1100 or 1280 litre wheeled bin wheeled bin