Envoy Cup Bank

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Eduards Hermans
Sales and Client Service Manager
Envoy Cup Bank

Envoy Cup Bank is a purpose-designed, stylish unit to collect used drinks cups for recycling and store waste liquid separately. The Envoy Cup Bank co-ordinates with Envoy units to create a range of recycling bins for any environment. A cup stacking liner enables up to 700 cups to be neatly stacked in a single sack whilst in the cup bank. Cups remain stacked even during emptying, maintaining a clean and hygienic emptying procedure.

Easy to Use – How the cup bank works

The waste liquid is poured into the integral funnel, which runs directly into the reservoir unit contained within the cup bank.

The empty plastic cups can then be dropped into one of the five cup disposal apertures. Envoy Cup Bank is at a user-friendly height therefore minimal bending/stooping is required.

The easy to use apertures make the cup bank a clean and easy way to collect liquid and cups. Envoy Cup Bank can accommodate more than one user at a time.


Bin Body and Lid: Durapol®* material

Reservoir: Translucent Durapol


Millstone, Red, Deep Green, Dark Blue, Black (contains recycled material).

Easy to Empty

Envoy Cup Bank with cup stacking liner has a very easy emptying procedure which can be carried out by one person.

Remove the lid and lift the plastic sack out of the cup bank.

Remove the reservoir unit located at the back of the cup bank for emptying.

Re-position the reservoir unit against the back wall of the cup bank.

Place a new sack in the cup bank. The sack fits inside the liner and wraps over the top, within the bank. Replace the lid. The aperture holes help to hold the sack in place.


Width: 540mm

Depth: 375mm

Height: 870mm

Weight (bank with empty reservoir unit): 8.2kg

Weight (bank with full reservoir unit): 17.2kg

Bank Capacity: 110 litres

Reservoir Capacity: 9 litres