240 / 360 Litre Bin Compactor

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Eduards Hermans
Sales and Client Service Manager
240 / 360 Litre Bin Compactor

It is estimated that up to 66% of space in a bin containing loose waste is trapped air. Most waste collection companies charge per bin collection so reducing the number of collections will result in a direct cost saving. A PEL bin compactor allows you to compact the waste in the bin and make more efficient use of the space available.

About 240 / 360 Litre Bin Compactor

Waste volume and waste disposal costs are reduced by up to 66%, saving storage space and saving Money.

  • A compaction ratio of 3:1 (depending on the material used)
  • Reduces weekly waste collections
  • Base resting plate ensures wheels are not damaged during compaction
  • Two hand operation ensures safer working environment
  • Wall mounted option available


Two hand operation makes for a safer working environment.

Base resting plate ensures wheels are not damaged during compaction.

Bag Compactor option also available.

Technical Data

Height 1745mm 68 1/2”
Transport Height 1895mm 74 19/32”
Width 604mm 23 25/32”
Depth 1023mm 40 9/23”
Weight 90kg 198 lb
Pressing Force .5 Tonne
Power 220 Volt or optional 110 Volt
Certification CE Certified. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards
Colour Green
Finish Primed and powder coated salt resistant coating.