1100 / 660 Litre Bin Compactor

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Eduards Hermans
Sales and Client Service Manager
1100 / 660 Litre Bin Compactor

Loose waste, in whatever form takes up a lot of space and it is estimated that up to 66% of space in a bin containing loose waste is trapped air. Most waste collection companies charge per bin collection so reducing the number of collections will result in a direct cost saving. A PEL bin compactor allows you to compact the waste in the bin and make more efficient use of the space available.

About 1100 / 660 Litre Bin Compactor

A PEL660BC or PEL1100BC Bin Compactor will compact bin waste by a factor of up to 3:1 and ensure more waste is fitted in per unit volume of bin space available.  Additional benefits include a reduction in the number of waste bins required and handling costs for those bins, smaller, cleaner and tidier waste storage areas  and the potential to generate revenue from the waste being collected.

  • Compact 3 Bins into 1
  • Safe and Easy to use
  • Reduces Weekly Waste Collection Costs
  • Bin Weigh System Available
  • Reduces Waste Storage Space Requirements
  • Allows Cleaner and Tidier Waste Storage Space Areas

PEL Bin Compactor Weigh SystemA weigh system which allows the user to set bin weight is available. This system gives complete visibility on weight of waste being generated and being charged for by the waste management company.

The 660L and 1100L Bin Compactors are available to rent or purchase. A rental contract arrangement means No Capital Outlay and realisable savings from day 1 after installation. The rental agreement includes delivery, installation, training, and machine maintenance over the lifetime of the rental agreement.

Where to Use it


Stop wasting resources and free up money for more important educational priorities and resources such as books, sports and science equipment.

Smart waste solutions for schools, colleges and universities.

Schools, colleges and universities are coming under increasing pressure to cut costs and increase revenue through fundraising activities.

Reducing waste costs is an ideal opportunity for schools and colleges to generate additional funds. PEL Waste Reduction Equipment’s range of bin compactors and balers ( suitable for baling of cardboard, plastic and other type wastes) are used by schools, universities and colleges to reduce their waste management costs. Typically waste volumes are reduced by a factor of 3:1 i.e. you can compact the waste from three bins into one bin through using our bin compactor products.  PEL Waste Reduction Equipment’s bin compactor and baler products are available on a rental contract basis so schools and colleges can start saving money instantly without any capital expenditure.

Other benefits enjoyed by schools and colleges utilising the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment range of bin compactors and cardboard and plastic balers include:

  • Reduced number of waste bins
  • Lower waste handling costs
  • Smaller & cleaner storage areas
  • Potential revenue from wast


Weight system allows user to set the bin weight giving visibility of total waste volumes.

Galvanised base as standard with optional galvanised head available.

Optional Bio Command available which allows compactor operation from a remote location.

Height 1700mm 66 59/66
Width 1,000mm 39 3/8
Depth 1,300mm 51 3/16
Weight 285kg
Power 220 Volt or optional 110 Volt
Certification CE Certified. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards
Colour Green
Finish Primed and powder coated salt resistant coating