About Us

Eco Teh Baltia Ltd. is the official representative for the companies Zoeller, Sulo, Moba (Germany), Luowia (Finland), Ppbin (Poland) and PEL (Ireland), offering the latest technological solutions for more efficient management of waste, public utilities and road transport functions in companies, as well as in state and local government institutions.

Our offer includes the latest generation waste collection equipment and modern equipment for glass collection and storage in hotels, restaurants, cafes and public catering facilities. For the modest and aesthetic collection of household waste and sorted materials we offer submersible containers.

Eco Teh Baltia Ltd. is an Eco Baltia group company that provides insight into technological necessities for environmental management; innovative approaches and quality.  Eco Baltia group combines the knowledge, skills and experience of more than 600 employees, which allows it to offer its customers the most effective solutions.