Eco Teh Baltia solutions for Solvay Business Services Latvia

March 21, 2018

Solvay group’s company in Latvia Solvay Business Services Latvia office employees in Latvia are also highly focuses on global challenges, therefore last year they made a decistion to create a supportive micro-infrastructure – revive sorting habits at the office premises.

Eco Teh Baltia manager Eduards Hermans comments: «Solvay is company with «green thinking», and it’s personell in Latvian office has grown to decision to materialize these thoughts. I am very satisfied with this cooperation – we have spent long hours thinking about which solutions would fit best to the specific oddice premises and needs. Now their offic here is completely equipped with the necessary waste sorting containers in kitchen and other facilities.»



An international chemical and advanced materials company, Solvay assists its customers in innovating, developing and delivering high-value, sustainable products and solutions which consume less energy and reduce CO2 emissions, optimize the use of resources and improve the quality of life.

Solvay serves diversified global end markets, including automotive and aerospace, consumer goods and healthcare, energy and environment, electricity and electronics, building and construction as well as industrial applications.

As a global entity, the company focuses on the key global social challenges, such as circular economy and sustainable food systems’ establishment.

Solvay group’s company  Solvay Business Services Latvia employs around 180 people.